Boogaloo Press

The Boogaloo Press brings you stories from Oakland and other parts of the San Francisco Bay Area. We post the stories as we hear them.


1 thought on “Boogaloo Press

  1. My God! Og Mike, This story is exactly how it happened straight up no chaser….. It is my personal goal to expose, enlighten, and encourage all of my fellow street dancers to come out
    and enjoy the craft one more time so that yesterday is not lost and tomorrow is a new begining
    for possibilities for our youth to understand the history and culture of the Oakland Boogaloo!!!. We have a real chance to show our youth that street dancing is a way of life that once saved many of our lives……………..Thank You and DocLock for your continued support in securing
    our history for the world to see.

    Yo Boy Dubb!. The Gents…..

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