The Dancers

William Summerhill (Bilal) aka Boogaloo BillAhmad Anderson – ’78’ Saint Mary’s H.S.

Albert Milton aka – Iron Man

Albert Tyson

Alfred Jones


Billy Jack

Billy Johnson

Boogaloo Vic

Brian (Frosty) Snead

Butch Goosby


Calvin Ervin

Charlie Rock

Chuck Powell

Clyde stubbs

Cody Armstrong


Curtis Richardson

Dan Hodges aka – Boogaloo Dan

Dan Martin (Boo)

Daniel Young

Darrel Lovitt

Darrin Hodges

Darryl Bynum

Darryl Hamilton aka – Hamo

David Andrada

Derrick Lovitt

Donald Jones

Donald Mathews (Duck)

Doris Cooperwood

Donny Wallace

Duvaul “Dag” Parker

Dwight Elder

Ed Williams



Harvey Malone

Henry Fischer

Herbert Johnson

James Miller

James Webb

Janice Grim

Jarvin 75 FHS

Jeffrey Malone

Jermaine Hill

Jerry Rente

Jerry Walker


John Murphy

Jonathon Young

Junie White

Kearny Marer

Kenny Chambers

Lance Green

Larry Robinson

Larry Williams

Leonard Stephens

Little Willy



Marcus Buyard

Mark McClure



Marlo Styles (Canary)

Maurice Sapp

Melvin Bullock


Michael Carter

Michael Enoch

Michael Freeman

Michael Jackson

Michael Newsome

Michael Payton

Michael Predovic






Pat Scott

Paul Reid

Phillip WIlliams

Randy Pendleton

Ray Harris

Reginal Nails

Reo Moore

Richard Smart Shabb Diggity

Rick Wilson

Ricky Johnson

Ricky Mathews

Ricky Tidwell

Ricky Wilson

Robin Newsome

Ronald Nervous

Sam Craiget

Stanley Richardson

Stanley’s Brother (John – J Dub)

Steve Watts

Steve Williams


Ted Williams

Ted Wincher

Terry Broadnax

Terry Maer


Tony Newsome

Tony White

Vernal Owens (Noony)

Vic Randolph

Victor Latimore

Victor Robinson

Victor White

Vincent Smith (The Worm)

Walter Freeman

Wayne Harris

Will Randolph

William Summerhill (Bilal) aka Boogaloo Bill

Willie Thomas

More to come for there is more to remember!

3 thoughts on “The Dancers

  1. 2 events took place in Boogaloo ing that I’ll never forget. The first took place in W. Oakland 76/77. Popular park.. at the rec center social hr. Derrick and Lovett called out John Murphy who at the time was one of the best, if not the best… Those who were there from the east say John won, those from the west say Derrick won… Although I believe Derrick won, the biggest thing that came from the battle is that it put W. Oakland on the Map. And served notice that we could compete with and beat the best… ….. The other event was when John Murphy, , Derrick Lovett, and a name not to many people know or remember, Noah Johnson. They all came together to form a super group. The first glimpse of this group was at Lowell jr high in the gym.. I want to say that was in 76/77 as well.. they performed a couple of times together, the group was short lived.

  2. Mr. Atomic, i don’t remember the name of the group because it was so long ago…and it lasted for a very short time…
    John Murphy probably remembers!

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