The Groups

Oakland was home to many groups. The list provided here is is in chronological order. It will periodically change as information on Oakland’s groups comes into the Website.

Pirate and the Easy Walkers

Steppin and James Brown type stuff. They were the reason why James Brown stopped coming to Oakland. They kept challenging him.

One Plus One Pre 70 (originators of the Dynorama Style of Boogaloo)

Albert Milton

Jerry Rente

Michael Enoch

Illusions from to 69-75

Rio Moore, Paps, Fred

Black Resurgents 1970 (Steppers and stepping style of Boogaloo)

Will Randolph

Vic Randolph

Robin Newsom

Dwight Elder

Cody Armstrong

Butch Goosby

James Miller


Rick Wilson

Larry Robinson


Exotic Movements 1971 (Boogaloo)

Pat Scott

Ricky Johnson

Herbert Johnson

Bernel Owens

Chuck Powell

Continental Five 1972 (Boogaloo)

Butch Goosby

Cody Armstrong

Kearny Maer

The Black Messengers 1972 (Boogaloo and Robot)

John Murphy

Michael Carter

Kerney Mayers


Randy Pennington

Chuck Powell

Jory Walker

Donny Wallace

Sam Craiget

Wayne Harris

Stanley Richardson

John – J Dub

Tony Newsome

Larry Brookshaw

Aces of Souls 1972 (Boogaloo and Robot) Posin, Dime stopping. Did a walk like gunslingers in a draw down. Resembled the game Rock em Sock em robots.

Henry Fischer

James Miller

Michael Carter



Soulful Movements

Tony Newsome

Ricky Tidwell

Terry Broadnax

Jermaine Hill

Victor Latimore

Mystic Robots (Movements similar to aces of soul)

Ricky Wilson

Ray harris

Germain Hill


Puff & Stuff


Marcus Bullion

Mark McClure

Victor Robinson

Reginal Nails

Electronic Four

Ted Wincher

Michael Newsome

Ed Williams

Duvaul “Dag” Parker

The Black Mechanics


Michael Jackson

Daniel Young

Albert Tyson

Jonathon Young

Calvin Ervin

S.S Enterprise 1975 -1978 (Out of McClymonds High School)

William Summerhill (Bilal)

Marlo Styles

Maurice Sapp

Gentlemen of Production 1976

Charlie Rock

Walter Freeman

Michael Freeman

Darin Hodges

James Webb

The Robotroids

Donald Jones

Derrick Lovitt

Alfred Jones

Derrick and Company


Paul Reid


Curtis Richardson



Emilia MC: Reo

William Summerhill (Bilal)

Master Magicians

Harvey Malone

Vince Smith

Billy Jack

9 thoughts on “The Groups

  1. I am one of the original founding members of Derrick and Company. The group was started in 1976 and the original members were Derrick Lovings, Melvin Bullock, Curtis Richardson,
    Paul Reid and Amelia (Forgot her last name).

    A few other people were members briefly : CoCo Johnson, Tony Newsom (Black Messengers).

    We usually ran a crew of three to five depending on the show, with Amelia performing with Derrick at the end after we performed the step routine.
    I was number three or four on the end and kept the tempo, step count and called out the transitions.

    Derrick was responsible for creating most of the routines, with input from the group on the final result. We used two primary complex routines that consisted of stepping, robot( with lock!) and boogaloo, with several variations.

    From 1976 to 1978, the original group competed in 12 competitions in Berkeley, Oakland, Emeryville, Richmond and Sacramento that resulted in 10 first place wins, one second and one third place (Richmond, they got tired of us winning and wanted to spread the wealth.)

    I left the group in late 1978 to pursue a career. The remaining group consisted of Derrick, Curtis, Melvin, Amelia and new members Malcolm and Paps.

  2. Madd respect to all listed here and the others not mentioned. These are the ingredients of what my dance styles are made from. I’m originally from Chicago, but I moved to Oakland back in early 1975. I lived near San Pablo Park and I went to several of the talent shows that Paul mentioned. (Respects to you Paul)

    I learned first hand from one of Richmond’s legends, Dana currently of Medea Sirkas. After improving my strutting style…I moved to San Jose, where I learned that the South Bay had some really gifted Poppers, Strutters, and Lockers. (That’s a whole other story) But my elemental foundations were developed in the “O”!

    Respects to all the Street Soldiers the came and went before me!

    Double Edge Regg

  3. I believe you can subscribe by using the +Follow tab that is located in the bottom right hand corner. Move your mouse over that tab and click on it. It will ask you for an email.

  4. Thus the epic journey begins. .Worm, Enoch the Mad and Ironman. .so mote it be! Proud to have been there! Appreciate the acknowledgement and recognition. Ironman

  5. Hello folks,
    Im writing this letter to ask if anyone here
    remembers a duo of brothers called The Electronic Twins? They’re brothers named Ronnie and Donnie, and they grew up and lived in East Oakland on e.22nd and on e.21st aves.
    near Roosevelt Jr High. They were known to host many house parties and dance battles at their house. These two fellas are my older brothers, and I’ve heard the names of lots of you groups from them. As a matter of fact, i was included in one of their performances at the age of 6. It was at Manzanita School in a full blown dance and talent show when my brothers rolled me out of a carpet onto the stage, i jumped up and did a few “bangs” and few “pops”

  6. If you can give me some information about them I can ask around. High School they went to, year they graduated. What is the last name. All this will help.

  7. S.S Enterprise
    William Summerhill (Bilal)
    Marlo Styles
    Maurice Sapp
    West Oakland… McClymonds high!
    1975 to 1978…..

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