Once upon a time in a place called Oakland California a special kind of dance was conceived. It was called Boogaloo.

Sometime in the mid 60’s a cultural political art movement was happening in the Bay Area consisting of Oakland, Berkeley, San Francisco. Black Panthers, Hippies, Hell Angels, Radical groups of one form or another were walking the paths of Political change.  Suffice it to say that Oakland and its surrounding areas were going through a variety of philosophical changes.  All of this though is well documented. What is not documented however is the dance movement that transpired in Oakland California.

The Oakland Boogaloo Conservatory website was created to help preserve Oakland’s legacy and history involving the creation of Oakland Boogaloo dancing and all the moves/styles associated with it. This site also raises awareness as to how some of these dances came about during the early years of the Funk era. Although many of the dancers that were involved in the late sixties and seventies have moved on to other careers, there legacy survives today in the younger generations that still partake in the Boogaloo style. Oakland’s run lasted for about 18 years, starting in 1965 and going to 1983 with Gentlemen of Production bringing to a close Oakland’s Boogaloo era. Welcome to the home of Oakland Boogaloo.

Do Dekor

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  1. Hi, Im shooting a documentary and I would like to get in contact with Michael Predovic for an interview. Do you know how I can get in contact with him? My email gon4myn@hotmail.com Thanks,

  2. The biggest lie of the 20th century: Hip hop was created in New York.. Keep it lit yall!! #TownBidness

  3. Hey there,

    I am shooting a documentary as well and would really like to get in touch with Darrin Hodges. Do you guys have any of his contact information?

    My e-mail is miracampau@hotmail.com



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